Happy Hour: New Year, New Goals


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Welcome to a new blog series…Happy Hour.  Pull up a comfy seat, grab a beverage of choice (coffee, wine, high qualityH2O 🙂 ), and let’s chit chat.  Wanted to do a series around conversations I typically have during “Happy Hour”.  I think of Happy Hour as anything from a night out with my best gal pals, daily chats with the big man upstairs, coffee couch dates with my hubby, etc.

Today I wanted to chat about the cliché topic of New Years Resolutions.  My family and I don’t typically make resolutions because the word itself gives me anxiety.  I have always been a very goal-oriented person, so I do tend to write out goals each year for my family and myself.  We all have dreams for ourselves and our families, so the first step (for myself anyway) to achieving those dreams are actually writing them down.  When you write down a dream I truly believe it becomes a goal.  From there, you all know what to do…Break those goals down into small achievable steps.  Do I always reach my goals every year? Of course not.  Life happens, BUT  I always keep trying and adjust as needed.  You never fail at anything as long as you keep trying.  I know, I know. That sounds like a cheesy bumper sticker, but it’s TRUE! 🙂

My list of goals are always pretty long, but realistic and achievable. That keeps me motivated all year long. With resolutions I think we tend to set these HUGE unrealistic goals for ourselves, so we completely give up after messing up only once.  We miss one workout, one class, eat a cookie, one deadline, one sales quota, etc. and we throw all of our hard work out the window. No thank you. Breaking down my dreams into small measurable goals really helps to give me the right mindset for hitting those goals.


This year my goals center around certain areas of my life: Faith, Family, Self-care, and Finances.  The goals also help my family and I reach our “bucket list” items for the year as well.  My family and our bucket list are a huge part of  “THE WHY” behind each of my goals.  Your why is your daily motivation. It helps you on days you want to give up or when you are just feeling a little blah.

Here are just a few of my goals for 2019:

  • Faith – Daily devotional (me time with the Big Man) and being more consistent with taking entire family to Church.  When I put God first, everything else falls into place.  When I find myself focused on this world, my world tends to fall apart.  I’m able to handle and somewhat understand my extremely hard days when I put my Faith first in my life.
  • Family – Being more present with my entire family, parents only vacation, and family vacation.  I could write about my family and goals in this area of my life for days, but I’ll save that for another Happy Hour :-).
  • Self-Care – Taking better care of myself inside and out.  This obviously is dependent in the area of my Faith as well as  my diet regimen, and working out consistently.
  • Finances – Hitting our goals with Dave Ramsey Plan.  Meeting our financial goals has a trickle effect with other goals…especially family.  Money disagreements are real ;-), and family vacations don’t happen unless we financially plan for them.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg with my 2019 goals, but hopefully it helps you when you begin setting or tweak the  goals for yourself and family. I will link some of the resources  below that I use to help myself and family reach  our goals. Cheers to 2019!!!!!


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