DIY Crate Stand


crate tree
The clean lines and subtle rustic touch of this easy DIY project make me eyeballs (and wallet) very happy. When I noticed a version of this hairpin crate stand on Instagram from , I just knew I had to make a version for my home. The clean lines and subtle rustic touch stopped me mid-scroll. The best part about this DIY project is the options are endless. Hairpin legs come in multiple sizes/finishes, and you can use anything for the “table top”. Think vintage crates, wood slices, mini card catalogs…let your DIY imagination run wild.

This is one of the easiest DIY projects you will ever make. If you want to add a version of this fun and funky stand to your home, here are the super simple and affordable steps:


  • Hairpin legs
  • Crate
  • 3/8″ wood screws
  • Stain


  1. Stain crate if needed. I used my favorite stain (Weathered) from Old Barn Milk Paint. This stain goes on super easy with a brush and I wipe most off with a cloth.
  2. Attach hairpin legs to bottom of crate using 3/8″ wood screws.
  3. Admire your handy work. 🙂

crate side.jpeg


  • Crates
  • Hairpin legs
  • Stain

    I told you it was an oh so simple DIY project, which are always my favorite kind. 😉 These little cuties will be making more appearances all throughout my home as planters, seasonal décor stands, book stands, etc. Now go grab some hairpin legs and have some fun.