DIY Chalkboard House



This Chalkboard House my husband and I made is probably my favorite DIY project to date. The build was quick and easy and the kiddos (and big kids 😉 ) absolutely LOVE it.  Chalkboards have always been one of my favorite details to add in a space.  Kitchens, bedrooms, playrooms, porches, you name it…chalkboard paint can immediately warm up an area with that perfect playful touch.  The best part is the options are endless with chalkboard styles and paint.

This Chalkboard House design is so simple, you could easily customize it a million different ways to make it work in any space.  This would also make for an adorable gift.
easter house

Below is a brief tutorial if you are interested in making a similar version for your home:


DIY Chalkboard House Material List:

  • 1 Sheet Plywood or MDF (4ftx8ft) *We used plywood, but I prefer MDF when using chalkboard paint.  Chalkboard paint takes to the MDF much easier and you will end up with a smoother finish overall.
  •  Furring Strips
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Circular saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Straight edge
  • Nail Gun / Hammer
  • Finishing Nails


  • Using the single sheet of Plywood or MDF (4ft x 8ft), make three measurements for cutting the house.  The first measurement will be the top of the roof (center point of the 4ft end of the plywood sheet), and the other two marks will be the height of the roofline (8ft sides of the sheet). Our measurements were for a 4×4 house.
  • After making your 3 measurements, using a straight edge, score a line from both roof line marks, to the top of the roof mark.  These two lines will serve as your roof line cuts.  You should now have the entire cutout of the chalkboard house. During this step you could also measure out a decorative chimney before cutting the outline.
  • Measure and cut furring strips for border and roofline.  You could also skip the furring strips roofline all together and instead extend your chalkboard area all the way to the roof.
  • Paint Chalkboard area. I always use multiple coats for a smooth Chalkboard finish.
  • Attach furring strips to border and roofline with finishing nails.
  • Measure, cut, and attach decorative window and ledge.  We made a simple 12×12 window with ledge for storing chalk and an eraser.
  • Season Chalkboard before first use.
  • Properly secure top of chalkboard to wall for safety.
  • Playtime!!!

christmas house.jpeg

Remember to have fun with this simple design and customize it for your space. The options are endless, especially with the chalkboard paint colors.  If you missed the link under the materials list, click HERE for a great tintable chalkboard paint. 🙂





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