Advent Tree Calendar



This year I wanted to create a simple Advent Calendar that really focused on the true meaning of Advent and this beautiful Christmas season.  My boys are ages four and two, so I knew I wanted to keep it very simple and fun for them. They are obsessed with decorating little Christmas trees, so I knew a kid-size Christmas tree would make the perfect little Calendar for our family.  Little canvas bags with numbered clothespins are filled with two little trinkets (ornaments, mini-toys, or small candy) and a card containing a short and simple Bible verse from the Christmas story about Jesus’ birth.


The Bible verse cards were found at Happy Home Fairy blog. Click HERE to find the free printable Bible Verse Advent Countdown for Kids.  We read the verse in the morning when we first open a bag and again in the evening during story time with a Christmas Story book. On the back of each card is a simple handwritten task focused on love, kindness, and serving.


We try to keep the tasks for each day of the calendar very simple.  Here is a short list of the tasks we are using this year with our calendar:

  • Handmade gifts/cards for grandparents
  • Leave treats for the mail carrier
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Donate unwanted toys
  • Make kindness rocks for the playground
  • Take treats/donation to animal shelter
  • Do someone else’s chore
  • Make a bird/squirrel feeder
  • Help send out Holiday Cards
  • Make treats for the garbage pick-up crew
  • Help make dinner/set the table
  • Donate food to a local food bank
  • Pick up litter
  • Pass out candy canes during errands

Spread out some of the tasks over a few days to keep it super simple.  For example, for baking or handmade gifts, we use two or three days of the Calendar.  One day we will bake, the next day we will decorate, and maybe even wait to package and deliver on the third day. Our goal is to keep it simple and fun to help our kiddos get in the spirit of giving and serving others. No matter your traditions or faith, it’s a sweet tradition you can make your own. Some people make a gratitude calendar and write something they are grateful for on a card each day. A Christmas activity bucket list is another great idea as well as an Acts of Kindness Calendar.



  • The adorable flocked Christmas tree is from Walmart
  • The little canvas bags and numbered clothespins were found at Michaels .
  • We found the cute ornaments at Target and Dollar Tree .


Hope you all enjoy this time of the year with your loved ones, and I hope this has inspired you in some small way to spread a little more kindness and cheer during this beautiful season.


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